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If you have had a nose job or rhinoplasty in Los Angeles and are not satisfied with your result, you are not alone! According to the Facial Plastic Surgery literature one in seven people who had a nose job seek secondary nose surgery or revision rhinoplasty in Los Angeles.

Most rhinoplasty specialists in Los Angeles who are experts in secondary rhinoplasty or revision nose surgery feel that primary rhinoplasty or first time nose surgery inherently carries a higher chance for revision surgery as compared to other cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. Why does nose surgery carries such a high risk of dissatisfaction and complications?

According to most expert nose surgeons in Los Angeles nose job surgery is fundamentally challenging because it entails many small and fine steps that each can have dramatic effect on the final outcome. Therefore, a plastic surgeon that specializes in rhinoplasty must play out most attention to all the details of a patient’s nose and to be exquisite in performing each surgical step during rhinoplasty. The second factor that makes primary and revision nose surgery difficult is that the nose sits on middle of the face, and therefore is very visible and draws much attention. Therefore, any minute imperfection with the nose after a primary or secondary rhinoplasty cannot be hidden or overlooked.

Despite best intentions even the superbly executed nose surgery can sometimes have an unsatisfactory outcome because of poor healing or scaring after rhinoplasty. Therefore, you must accept the fact that there is a one in seven chance that you might not be completely pleased with your initial nose surgery and will seek revision rhinoplasty.

What are the common reasons for dissatisfaction with a nose job, requiring Revision Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills?
The reason for choosing revision rhinoplasty could be either due to poor aesthetic outcome, poor functional outcome, or a combination of both. The reasons for needing revision rhinoplasty are outlined as such:

  1. Aesthetic Complications of Rhinoplasty:
    1. Pinched nostrils or pinched nasal tip.
    2. Broad nasal tip- “Boxy tip”.
    3. Wide Nasal Base & Flared Nostrils.
    4. Droopy Nose or Hooked Nose.
    5. Crooked Nose.
    6. Polly beak or parrot beak nose deformity.
    7. Persistent nasal hump.
    8. Wide Nose.
    9. Saddle nose deformity.
    10. Short nose.
    11. Over projected nasal tip- Pinocchio Nose.
    12. Inverted-V nasal deformity.
    13. Retracted Columella.
    14. Hanging Columella.
  2. Functional Complications of Rhinoplasty: the basic function of the nose is to enable us to take in air and to breath. This vital function can be hindered as a result of poor rhinoplasty. These are several specific functional complications of Rhinoplasty.
    1. Septal Deviation or collapse.
    2. Septal Perforation.
    3. Dry Nose Syndrome.