Plastic surgery was once the exclusive advantage of the rich and famous, and many people today think it still is. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Thanks to changes in costs and affordable financing options, today just about everyone can enjoy the benefits of these life-changing procedures.

Our financing partner, CareCredit, has a range of plans that allow you to spread out the cost of your surgery with convenient monthly payments. It’s like using a credit card, except your purchase will last a lifetime. With consolidation and special financing available, CareCredit is helping make plastic surgery affordable for all.

The relative cost of plastic surgery has come down over the years. As with other technological advances, they become more affordable as their reach expands. However, these are still procedures which require the professional skills of a board-certified surgeon. For this reason, surgeon’s fees remain at a certain level, at least for accredited professionals. The following price list is the average cost of each procedure, including surgeon’s fees, anesthesiology, facility fees, and follow-up care. Pre-operative testing, special equipment, implants, garments, and specialty aftercare are not reflected.

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American Healthcare LendingMost people have a false perception of what cosmetic plastic surgery costs. In fact, most think that they could never afford plastic surgery. Once they realize that getting the body that they always wanted is no more expensive that buying a used car, they are eager to change their life for the better.

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Cosmetic surgery financing works just like a credit card – you finance the amount of your procedure upfront and then pay the balance over time. You can apply for financing online with our financing partner, CareCredit.

Why Choose CareCredit

Founded in 1987, CareCredit is a simple way to consolidate and manage your cosmetic surgery expenses. CareCredit offers special financing with convenient payment options.

These days’ people of every walk of life can afford cosmetic surgery. The reason for this upsurge in plastic surgery is its affordability. There are several reasons for this including:

  1. Cost of Cosmetic Surgery. Whether the relative cost of cosmetic surgery procedures has come down, or the price of most things has gone up, the prices of plastic surgery procedures is now within people’s spending budget.
  2. Availability of Financing for Cosmetic Surgery. In the old days no financial company would loan money without collateral, especially if it was for cosmetic surgery. Now, some of the major financial institutions are marketing primarily to the plastic surgery crowd. Realizing that those with a steady income can make payments for cosmetic surgery, just as if they were making it for a new car. In fact, some loan companies are becoming even more creative. They are willing to give patients a cosmetic surgery home equity loan, with the payments added to patient’s monthly mortgage payment.
  3. Plastic Surgeons offer financing. While it used to be that one had to pay cash for plastic surgery, now plastic surgeons accept credit card payments, financing, or even offer cosmetic surgery savings plans.

The American Society of Plastic Surgery publishes the annual statistics on the cost of different plastic surgery procedures, stratified to the region of the country.

Although this is an approximate cost of the fees that plastic surgeons charge to perform such procedures, the total cost could vary widely depending on the cost of the operating room facility, anesthesia, follow-up care, and necessary equipment or garments. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly amazing prices that you might see published in the throw-away magazines, or that you hear on radio or TV ads. They might not have included the overall price.

For example, some competitive national chains that are owned and operated by non-plastic surgeons offer ridiculously low prices, with a small footnote that the cost of anesthesia or operating room fees are extra. Others might advertise attractive prices that fail to mention that your anesthesia is going to be provided by a nurse and not a board certified anesthesiologist. Others even advertise Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeons, when later you find that your surgeon is a dentist, gynecologist, or even a general practitioner with no Board Certification in Plastic Surgery.

Please know that there is only one accredited and nationally accepted Board of Plastic Surgery. The so called "Academy of Cosmetic Surgery" is a non-accredidated corporation that offers certificates to any doctor that takes their weekend courses. Don’t bargain with your life! Any surgery is a serious endeavor that has costs associated with it, due to the basic expenses of an accredited surgical facility and board certified staff.

While it doesn’t hurt to get a good price it is not worth possibly compromising your well being and health for the sake of the cheapest price.

The average total price for some of the common plastic surgery procedures including fees for the plastic surgeon, anesthesiologist, surgery center, implants (if indicated) and follow-up care is noted below. These do not included the cost of pre-operative testing (blood test & EKG), special equipment, implants, garments, or specialty after-care, and if necessary, the cost of revision surgery.

Average Price of Plastic Surgery Procedures in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles:

Body Contouring Surgery

Liposuction of the abdomen and flanks$ 5,500-10,000
Liposuction of arms and outer chests$ 4,500-7,500
Liposuction of thighs (complete)$ 6,000-12,000
Liposuction of neck & face$ 2,800-5,000
Liposuction of buttocks$ 5,500-10,000
Liposuction of calves$ 4,500- 7,500
Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty)$ 7,500-15,000
Lower Body Lift$ 15,000-25,000
Upper Body Lift$ 10,000-20,000
Arm Tuck (Brachioplasty)$ 6,800-14,000
Thigh Lift$ 9,500-16,000
Brazilian Butt lift/ augmentation (lipo. + fat grafting)$ 16,000-22,000
Calf Augmentation$ 7,800-10,000
Pectoral augmentation of male chest$ 7,500- 14,000
Male Breast Reduction (for Gynecomastia)$ 5,000- 9,500
Male Breast Reduction (after Bariatric Surgery)$ $9500-18,000
Buttock augmentation (with implant)$ 9,000-18,000

Breast Enhancement Surgery

Breast Augmentation (saline) $ 5,500-10,000
Breast Augmentation (silicone) $ 7,500-12,000
Breast Implant Exchange (saline) $ 6,500-12,000
Breast Implant Exchange (silicone) $ 8,500-14,000
Capsulectomy $ 6,500-12,000
Breast lift (minor) $ 6,800-12,000
Breast lift (major) $ 8,500-16,000
Breast reduction$ 9,500-20,000

Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Upper Blepharoplasty (eyelid tuck) $ 2,600-4500
Lower Blepharoplasty (eyelid tuck) $ 2,800-5,500
Canthopexy (lower eyelid lift $ 3,500-6,000
Brow Lift, Forehead Lift $ 3,500-6,000
Mid-facelift $ 4,500-8,000
Facelift (neck & face) $14,000-25,000
Thread Lift (limited) $ 5,000-
Thread Lift (major) $ 12,000-
Lip augmentation (temporary fillers per cc) $ 330-1,500
Lip augmentation (permanent implant) $ 3,000- 5,000
Rhinoplasty (nose job) $ 5,500-10,000
Nasal augmentation (with implant) $ 5,500-10,000
Septoplasty with Turbinectomy (nasal blockage) $ 4,500-12,000
Cheek augmentation (with implant) $ 4,500-8,000
Chin augmentation (with implant)$ 4,500-8,000