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Threadlift Los Angeles, CA

Thread lifting is a non-surgical procedure in which a barbed suture is used to elevate tired, sagging, and wrinkled skin in the face and neck.  This gives a more youthful appearance to the face.  In addition to lifting the skin, the threads stimulate the body’s own collagen production to cause skin tightening and to enhance the effects of the thread lift.  Often called a “lunch time facelift,” thread lifting is performed in the office with effectively no downtime. 

What Happens During a Thread Lift?

All thread lifts at California Center for Plastic Surgery are performed by an expert, specially trained plastic surgeon.  Only a physician will perform your procedure.  Your surgeon will numb the face using a small injection of local anesthetic (Lidocaine).  Tiny holes will be made using a hypodermic needle to allow placement of the threads.  The location and number of holes needed will vary depending on the area being treated.  Very thin smooth cannulas containing barbed sutures will then be placed through those holes to deploy the lifting threads.  The threads are then trimmed beneath the skin and will not be visible. 

What is the recovery like?

Most patients have mild pain for 24-48 hours after the procedure.  This is usually treated with over the counter pain relievers.  You may have mild bruising or swelling.  You will need to avoid extreme facial movements for about 2 weeks. 

How Long Does a Thread Lift Last?

The sutures used dissolve slowly over 6-8 months.  However due to new collagen formation, results often last for up to one year.  Many patients report results lasting as long as 3 years!

How Is a Thread Lift Different From a Facelift?

Threadlift Los Angeles, CA

A thread lift is a quick office-based procedure with minimal downtime.  No incisions are required.  However the results are far less dramatic than after a facelift. No skin is removed so it is not recommended for patients with large amounts of sagging skin.  A facelift tightens both the skin and the underlying connective tissue of the face providing a significantly more pronounced and long lasting result.  A facelift must be performed in an operating room with anesthesia.  There are large incisions and there is at least 2 weeks of downtime.