Botox Cosmetic

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Botox is one of the most popular non-surgical options for anti-aging face treatment in Los Angeles. Over the past decade, Botox has become a household name. This is because of the effectiveness of this FDA-approved injectable medication for reducing wrinkles across the face. Along with other dermal fillers, Botox can help take years off your face with minimal risk and discomfort.

If your face could use a pick-me-up, consider Botox! If you would like to learn more about what Botox can do for your skin and your confidence schedule a private consultation at Beautiful Self today!

About Botox

Botox Cosmetic is a protein derived from Botulism, which is a neurotoxin that relaxes wrinkle-causing muscles when injected. This results in lessening the appearance of frown lines, squint lines or crow’s feet, neck bands, and laugh lines. These are what are known as “dynamic wrinkles.” Dynamic wrinkles are formed when muscles and facial features pull the skin repeatedly, or when muscle tension causes a wrinkle to hold in place. Botox cosmetic injections relax the muscles holding or creating a wrinkle. Within two to ten days, the targeted dynamic wrinkles will be replaced with smooth, tight skin.

Botox injections are an excellent option for busy men and women who want to look their best, but don’t want to lose any time out of their day. Botox can be administered in under 15 minutes! Results last for three to four months. Patients can easily set up a long-term treatment plan that is appropriate for their skin and their schedule.

Botox is one of the most popular anti-aging treatments today because it WORKS. If you look tired, worried, or fatigued because of your wrinkles, Botox can help!

What Areas Get Injected?

nonsurgical botox cosmetic

The most common areas are frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet.

Frown lines are vertical lines located between the eyebrows. They are made worse by frowning or squinting. Botox injection of the Corrugator, Depressor supercillia, Procerus, Orbicularis Occuli, and Nasalis muscles reduces the appearance of frown lines and lines that develop over the bridge of the nose.

Forehead lines are usually horizontal lines caused by repetitive rising of the eyebrows by the Frontalis muscles. Injection of these muscles relaxes the forehead and reduces the extent of horizontal forehead lines.

Crow’s feet are seen on the sides of the eyes and are worsened by smiling, which causes the Orbicularis Occuli muscle to go into spasm. Botox treatment of these muscles reduces the severity of crow’s feet.

Another area where Botox is injected is the upper lip. By relaxing the upper lip Orbicularis Oris muscle Botox reduces the appearance of “smoker’s lines.”

Injection of Botox into the lower lip Depressor Anguli Oris muscle reduces the downward pull of these muscles creating a turned-up corner of the mouth.

Vertical and horizontal neck lines are also reduced by relaxing the neck Platysma muscles with Botox Cosmetic.


You are a good candidate for Botox Cosmetic if you have moderate to severe wrinkles that you would like to address. If you have frown lines, forehead lines, crow’s feet, or smoker’s lines, you are a candidate for Botox.

To receive Botox, candidates should be at least 18, have healthy skin elasticity, and be in overall good health. Ideal candidates will have positive but realistic expectations of the outcomes achievable with Botox.

Candidates who are experiencing skin irritation at their injection site will need to wait until this issue abates until they receive their Botox injection. If you have thicker skin or struggle with eye ptosis, Botox may not be the right option for you.

We will be happy to help you determine your candidacy for Botox. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.


All candidates for Botox will receive a private consultation with an expert injector. Your injector will examine your skin and discuss your goals for your appearance with you. Please share any questions you have about Botox at this time!

We make sure every treatment is right for the patient! If our expert injector determines that you are a better candidate for an alternative procedure, they will share their opinion with you during this private appointment. For example, if you have a more advanced degree of skin aging, we may recommend a more long-lasting surgery or treatment that will better accomplish the results you are looking for.

Botox & Dermal Fillers

nonsurgical botox cosmetic and dermal fillers

Botox is a highly popular anti-aging injectable. On its own, it achieves elegant results. Combined with dermal fillers, Botox delivers impressive, full-face rejuvenation!

Dermal fillers are volumizing injectables designed to restore a youthful skin appearance. Dermal fillers tackle static wrinkles, which form as a result of volume loss. Fillers have also proven to improve the overall contours of the face. A combination of Botox and Dermal Fillers will address both static and dynamic wrinkles to restore smooth, younger-looking skin.

Dermal fillers are available with a variety of main ingredients, each capable of mimicking human skin for beautiful, anti-aging results. Dermal fillers we offer include:

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Hyaluronic acid is naturally-occurring in young, healthy skin. Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers erase lines and wrinkles by adding natural-looking and -feeling volume to the skin. Hyaluronic acid fillers are also an excellent, minimally-invasive way to augment and contour facial features like the cheeks or lips. Hyaluronic acid injectables have the added benefit of stimulating new collagen production. HA fillers that we offer include Juvederm, Restylane, and Captique. Results last from six months to almost two years!



The main ingredient, calcium hydroxylapatite, restores lost facial volume and stimulates collagen production. Results last up to two years.



A dermal filler designed to restore lost collagen and jumpstart long-term collagen production. Results last for two years and can be extended with future treatments.



Also known as “permanent dermal fillers.” Artefill contains polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) microspheres (miniature beads) suspended in bovine collagen. Artefill will restore long-lasting collagen and deliver results that last for five years or more.


Botox: What to Expect

Revive your appearance and get back to your day, all in 15 minutes or less!

Treatment with Botox is quick, convenient, and comfortable. Patients have the option of a topical anesthetic to keep them comfortable during their Botox injection. Your expert injector will artfully inject your Botox to target the muscles causing your dynamic wrinkles. Common injection sites include the brows, under eye, or around the mouth.

Patients who will be combining dermal fillers with Botox can undergo their rejuvenating treatment in less than 15 minutes!

Botox is easily combined with several other cosmetic solutions for ideal, comprehensive results: schedule a private consultation at Beautiful Self to learn more about what is possible with Botox!


Downtime is minimal following Botox. Some patients decide to take a day or two off work after Botox, but this is not required. Bruising and swelling can occur in the injection site, but these conditions can be controlled with intermittent ice application.

Patients should avoid touching their treated area for at least six hours after treatment.


Is BOTOX safe?

Botox Safety

BOTOX Cosmetic™ is very safe. It has been used since the 1970’s for the treatment of lazy eye muscles. Since the 2000s it has been used on millions of people yearly and in fact is the number one cosmetic procedure performed in the United States.

Its side effects are local and may include:

  • Slight bruising
  • Short-term headache
  • Tenderness at the injection site
  • Temporary ptosis or drooping of the eyelid or the brows

Do Botox injections hurt? What is the treatment like?

BOTOX injection will hurt a bit, just like any small injection or like a small insect bite. There is no down time and you can drive and return to your usual activities immediately.


Does Botox Freeze my Face?

No, you will not lose your facial expressions or get a blank look after BOTOX injection. Your face would just look less tense and more relaxed.


How Long Does It Take?

BOTOX injection takes about 15 minutes. There is no downtime, and you can go back to your routine immediately.


When Do I See the Result of the Botox Injection?

BOTOX Cosmetic TM takes from two to ten days to take full effect. The required dose varies among people, thus some may need a higher dose to get the desired effect.