Your Consultation

At your first consultation, you should feel two things. One is that you are visiting a surgeon with the finest skills to achieve your goals. You should also feel that the plastic surgeon is your ally – a person with your best interests at heart.

To have cosmetic surgery is not like going to a department store to pick out an outfit. It is a real surgery, and therefore, involves risks, recovery period, and a reasonable time for things to settle before you can get the final product. Therefore, take your cosmetic surgery endeavor very seriously. Ask questions, but more importantly listen carefully to and follow your doctor’s instructions. You, as a patient, are a participant in your medical care, and therefore, the level of your participation can affect your aesthetic outcome.

Come with a list of your questions. Expect an honest answer to each one. Ask to see the plastic surgeon’s ‘Before and After‘ photos.

Make sure that you ask to see examples or sub-optimal results, because not everyone would get the perfect result. Share your fears, the pain or anxiety that led you to seek cosmetic surgery, and trust your instincts. You should feel a level not only of trust, but one of the utmost comfort and confidence. You should not feel intimidated by your plastic surgeon, and you should be receiving your primary advice from the surgeon, not from his or her staff. If, as you ask questions and share your concerns, you feel that the plastic surgeon has one foot out the door, rushing to his or her next consultation, you are with the wrong doctor!

Your plastic surgeon should not be offended by your questions or concerns. They should be able to adequately answer your questions about treatment options, pros and cons of each option, potential risks and complications of each surgery, expected recovery course, aesthetic expectations and limitations, and before and after care needed for the surgery that you are contemplating.

You should also consider that your relationship with your plastic surgeon does not end when the surgery is over. It is an ongoing relationship that extends through the healing process, and beyond. You should feel confident that the plastic surgeon you choose will be personally available to you, and is not afraid to do some hand-holding if you encounter any difficulties.

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