Long Nose Rhinoplasty

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inn-img-36Long nose, an over projected nasal tip, or a so called “Pinocchio Nose” trouble many people who seek rhinoplasty to make their nose smaller and thus more proportional to the rest of their face. Overprojected nose rhinoplasty is very challenging and should be taken on by plastic surgeons who are rhinoplasty specialists.

The anatomy of the nasal tip is made of two alar cartilages which sit on the end of the septal cartilage which makes the columellar. In people with over projected nasal tip or a long nose the limbs of the alar cartilage are too long making the nasal tip cartilage too high. In addition, the whole cartilaginous tip complex could have also been placed too high on the top of the columella.

In the process of Long nose rhinoplasty the nasal tip cartilage or alar cartilage limbs, known as the lateral alar crura, are trimmed. The entire alar dome can also be lowered atop septal end and fixed in placed. Nasal tip surgery involves delicate maneuvers which are performed through open and closed rhinoplasty approaches.