Plus Size Body Contouring

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The female body is a beautiful thing. Due to the nature of women’s bodies, female patients are naturally predisposed to gain weight throughout their lives. This often develops into a full, voluptuous figure. Dr. Younai is proud to offer his plus size patients an opportunity to transform their bodies into their ideal, attractive physique with a variety of cutting-edge plus size body contouring procedures.

Would you like to reduce fat in targeted areas of your body? Do you wish you had a tighter, smoother, more proportionate figure? Dr. Younai can reduce and sculpt your fat, smooth your body contour, and tighten your underlying musculature to help you feel more confident and capable with your curves.

What is Plus Size Body Contouring?

Plus Size Body Contouring refers to procedures which are designed to sculpt plus size patient’s figures into a more smooth, curvaceous shape. Every woman has different goals for her appearance: Dr. Younai has the skill set to meet and exceed these goals. Plus Size Body Contouring procedures include High-Volume Liposuction, Plus Size Tummy Tuck, and Fat Transfer. Each procedure is performed with safety and patient comfort in mind. Plus Size Body Contouring will help patients say goodbye to stubborn fat deposits for good, and hello to their smooth, more contoured physique, for years to come!

Why Choose Plus Size Body Contouring?

Plus Size Body Contouring procedures offer patients the following benefits:

  • Reduction of fat that refuses to respond to diet and exercise
  • Smooths the appearance of the treated area. These procedures can eliminate bumps or unevenness created by fat deposits
  • Remove loose or hanging skin. Skin will be tightened into patient’s desired contour
  • Add volume and attractive curves to desired areas of the body
  • Increased confidence in your figure
  • Clothing will fit better following procedure
  • Diminishes risk of weight-related health issues, such a diabetes or heart disease

Areas Treatable with Plus Size Body Contouring

Dr. Younai can target any of the following areas with a body contouring procedure for his plus sized patients:

  • Arms
  • Chin & Neck
  • Back
  • Flanks
  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Knees
  • Calves


Candidates for plus size body contouring are women who have voluptuous figures that they would like to sculpt and accentuate with a cosmetic procedure. Candidates should be at a stable weight and have completed the majority of any desired weight loss before receiving plus size body contouring, as major shifts in weight can affect the results of the procedure.

Good candidates will be non-smokers and free of any pre-existing health conditions which could interfere with their body’s ability to heal. Candidates are advised to have positive but realistic expectations for the outcomes of their plus size body contouring procedure.

Unsure if you’re a candidate for plus size body contouring? We encourage women who are interested in achieving their ideal curves and body tone to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Younai today.

Procedures for Plus Size Women

Large Volume Liposuction

Plus or large size women in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills want a curvaceous figure & to be able to fit better into their sexy cloths. Dr. Younai is among a few world renowned specialists in Large Volume Liposuction. He is an expert in this safe and proven liposuction technique which for example can take you from a size 12 to 6 in one setting. With a stable weight & healthy lifestyle, this is a good alternative to gastric bypass or unhealthy diets.

Tummy Tuck

The tummy tuck is an excellent way for our plus size patients to reclaim their figures and improve their overall quality of life. Patients may have already accomplished major weight loss with a gastric bypass procedure, and now have extra or hanging skin. Dr. Younai can remove up to 25 to 75 pounds of excess skin for these patients with a plus size tummy tuck.

While plus size tummy tuck is a complicated procedure that not every surgeon is willing or able to perform, Dr. Younai skillfully and artfully enhances his patients’ figures for dramatic results. The procedure incorporates liposuction of the hips, flanks, and lower back. After performing liposuction, Dr. Younai will give his patient a high tension abdominoplasty, a type of tummy tuck that excises loose folds of skin, tightens stretched abdominal muscles, and pulls up sagging thighs and buttocks to achieve a smoother, more lifted appearance. The results are attractive, targeted weight loss and tightening of the skin and abdominals to achieve a more smooth, contoured figure. Patients enjoy greater comfort, mobility, and overall confidence in their body.

This procedure achieves a lot of the same outcomes as a body lift for a plus size patient, but the scar from the plus size tummy tuck will not extend to the patient’s back. Our Before & After photos show the attractive body contouring results we have achieved for countless happy patients.

Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer is an excellent way to achieve patient’s ideal smooth, curvaceous body contour, all with fat from the patient’s own body! In order to perform a fat transfer, Dr. Younai first performs liposuction. The goal is to gather fat as carefully as possible, to guarantee a large portion of the collected fat will be in healthy shape for transfer.

After unwanted materials, like blood vessels, have been separate out from fat, Dr. Younai will carefully re-inject the fat into targeted areas of the patient’s body.

Patients often decide to have fat transferred to their buttocks, hips, or breasts, to achieve a more curvaceous, proportionate hourglass figure. Fat transfer is also an excellent way to fill in divots in patient’s skin, completing the smooth, more voluptuous silhouette that Dr. Younai achieves with his body contouring procedures.

Procedures for Breast

When women gain or lose a significant amount of weight, they can see a change in the appearance of their breasts. Many plus size women, when they come to Dr. Younai to smooth and contour their figures, also decide that they want fuller, more lifted breasts to match. Dr. Younai offers his plus sized patients breast lifts, breast augmentations, and fat transfers to the breasts. Dr. Younai works with every patient to achieve the size and shape of the breasts and figure that will leave them in love with their bodies.

Before and After Photos


When you meet with Dr. Younai, he will go over your medical history and medication use with you to guarantee that you will have the safest, more appropriate treatment possible. We encourage you to ask any questions that you may have, as well as to bring in photos as examples of your desired outcomes. It is our goal that every patient is well-informed and 100% confident in their chosen treatment plan.

Patients will receive a physical exam during their private consultation. After Dr. Younai has a good understanding of your goals for your figure, he will work with you to create an individualized body contouring treatment plan. Based on your goals, your distribution of fat, and your natural physique overall, Dr. Younai will suggest the option that will deliver your desired contour safely, effectively, and beautifully.

It is important to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience and strong reviews for your plus size body contouring.

If you are a full-figured woman who would like to learn more about the impressive body contouring results we achieve for our patients, call Dr. Younai’s helpful staff to schedule your consultation today.

Your Experience with Dr. Sean Younai

Depending on the extent of work that will be performed, a patient can receive their body contouring procedure under local or general anesthesia.

If plus size liposuction will be performed, Dr. Younai will make small incisions in the treatment area. A slim cannula will be inserted into the targeted area. Using a combination of the Tumescent and Super-Wet technique, Dr. Younai will gently disrupt and extract the unwanted fat from the areas you agreed upon during your consultation. Dr. Younai will take care to remove and sculpt your fat and tissue to achieve a smooth, curvaceous appearance that looks flattering and proportional.

Patients who are receiving the plus size tummy tuck will receive liposuction at the beginning of the treatment. After Dr. Younai has addressed your unwanted fat, he will remove any excess, hanging skin. The abdominal muscles will be repaired and tightened, and the skin on the thighs and buttocks will be lifted. Incisions are hidden low in the abdomen, where the scars can be easily concealed by clothing.

A fat transfer is an excellent way to add volume, correct divots in the skin, and even add contour to a patient’s face.

Plus size patients who would like to contour their body with a fat transfer will first receive plus size liposuction. This will slim and contour the donor site, while also providing a source of your own healthy fat for Dr. Younai to inject into targeted areas of your body.

Patients who will be receiving breast lift, breast augmentation, or fat transfer to the breast during their body contouring will discuss the details of their individualized procedure during their consultation with Dr. Younai.


The recovery from a patient’s body contouring procedure will depend on details and extent of the patient’s work.

It is not uncommon for patients to experience swelling and bruising in their treated area or areas following their body contouring. The majority of patients require two weeks off from their regular schedules to recover following their body contouring procedure. Patients, on average, will need two weeks of rest following their plus size tummy tuck or large volume liposuction.

Patients can begin to return to their usual activities after this point. Dr. Younai will consult with patients about their recovery instructions, including approved medications for relieving discomfort. Some patients may be instructed to wear a compression garment for the first week of their recovery.

Most patients can return to light exercise after the first two week period. Swelling may continue to diminish in the weeks following your procedure.

Patients will need to have someone drive them home the day of their procedure, as they will need to rest and may still be feeling the effects of the anesthesia. We also advise that patients have a friend or family member stay with them for the first day of their recovery. It is very important to rest following your body contouring procedure, and this caregiver is a valuable way to guarantee your recovery gets off to a smooth start.


The results Dr. Younai achieves for his plus sized patients are long-lasting and impressive. Your individually tailored body contouring procedure will eliminate your excess skin and remove and re-shape your tissue. Dr. Younai will define and smooth your curves to contour your body into an attractive, voluptuous hourglass shape.

As your post-procedure swelling diminishes, you will begin to see the final results. The outcomes of your body contouring procedure will continue to improve in the weeks and months following your treatment as your body accepts the changes made by the procedure.

Dr. Younai takes the natural beauty of every patient’s body and accentuates it with his artful, expert body contouring. Your body will look its best; our plus size patients can’t wait to show off their new figures!


The price of a body contouring procedure will depend on the details of your individualized treatment, such as the number of areas to be treated and the length of treatment. On average, plus size tummy tucks and large volume liposuction tends to cost more than the traditional versions of the procedure, as the procedure are more complicated to perform. Once you have completed your private consultation, you will receive an individually-tailored treatment plan. You will also receive a cost breakdown that reflects the details of your individualized treatment.