Hispanic Rhinoplasty

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Hispanic rhinoplasty is the fastest growing type of nose surgery being performed by Rhinoplasty Specialists in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Latino men and women who seek nose surgery in California are looking to refine their features and to achieve facial harmony.

Like other type of Ethnic Rhinoplasty procedures nose surgery in Hispanics can vary significantly depending on the individual’s nasal anatomy. Not all Latinos have the same facial features. Hispanics have had genetic influence from the Spaniards, Europeans, South Americans, Indian Americans, and even South Asian Islanders. Nevertheless, the typical Hispanic nose has an un-projected and round nasal tip, wide nostrils, and thick skin. Because of this the emphasis for Hispanic rhinoplasty has usually been to improve nasal tip projection, narrow the wide nostrils, and to refine the nasal bridge. The goal in performing Hispanic nose surgery is to refine the nose while preserving ethnicity and facial balance.

Plastic surgeons who specialize in Hispanic Rhinoplasty utilize closed and open rhinoplasty techniques to refine the nasal tip cartilage utilizing strut cartilage graft or nasal tip graft, with tip narrowing sutures. The size of the nostrils is reduced by the alar wedge excision technique, while making sure not to make the nose look too narrow of pinched. The nasal hump can also be reduced by rasping the nasal bone. While reducing the nasal bridge it is important to proportionally reduce the nasal width by nasal osteotomy techniques. Often times, attention has to be paid to the nasal airway or the breathing of the nose. Septal deviation or inferior turbinate hypertrophy which causes nasal airway obstruction is very prevalent among the Hispanics in Los Angeles. Opening of the nasal airway passage usually entails Septoplasty and/or Inferior turbinectomy techniques.

While many of the techniques used for Hispanic rhinoplasty are no different than rhinoplasty on other ethnicities, attention has to be paid not to make a Hispanic person look unnatural by giving them a ”very Caucasian” nose!