Breast Asymmetry

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Correction of breast asymmetry

Breast asymmetry refers to the differences in the two breast’s size, shape, and form. Although no one has identical breasts, there are many who have breasts that are strikingly different. This often results in much heartache and despair. Not only it can lower a woman’s sense of self-esteem, but it also represents a challenge with fitting bras or clothes.

Today’s Los Angeles plastic surgeon is armed with the latest surgical techniques for addressing each of the specific cause of breast asymmetry.

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Asymmetry of breast shape

There are many factors that contribute to breast shape asymmetry, such as difference in the size of the areola, location of the areola, location of the under-breast fold, and differences in the fullness of outer and inner parts of the breasts. Although it is possible to adjust areola’s size and location, it is very difficult to consistently bring symmetry to the rest of the breast. Even if this is initially achieved, landmarks such as the infra-mammary fold or cleave can change with wound healing and settling of the implants.

Asymmetry of breast size

Use of different size breast implants can help make the two breasts more similar in size. Saline breast implants have the advantage of being able to be adjusted in volume during surgery, in order to make the size correction more precise. It is also possible to remove excess breast tissue from one side in order to make the two sides more similar. This is more often done when breast augmentation is combined with a lift- Augmentopexy.

Tubular breast deformity

The hallmark of tubular breast deformity is the relative enlargement of the areola in comparison to the width of the breast base. In another words, the breasts look narrow with a large areola. In these instances, there is often a much higher incidence of size and shape asymmetry. Correction of this type of breast deformity is most challenging since there exists an inherent constriction of breast tissue which might not be able to be fully corrected at the initial surgery. Therefore, there is a much higher chance for requiring second stage or revision surgery.

Breast sagging or Ptosis

Breast sagging or ptosis significantly diminishes the overall beauty of the breasts. This is a phenomenon that not only occurs with aging or childbirth, but that also exists among young women who have lost much weight, such as those after Bariatric gastric bypass surgery. Plastic surgery techniques for the correction of breast ptosis varies depending on the degree of breast sagging. For mild breast sagging a crescent lift is performed. For moderate breast sagging a peri-areolar breast lift is performed and for severe ptosis an inverted-T, Anchor, or a vertical mammoplasty is performed. While these techniques do correct breast ptosis their longevity is not consistent and there is a significant rate of recurrence.

Dr. Sean Younai, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, is experienced in all aspects of breast enhancement surgery including breast augmentation, breast lift or mastopexy, breast reduction, and the correction of breast asymmetry or deformities. During your consultation at the California Center for Plastic Surgery, he will examine you and review your options for breast enhancement. You will also have a chance to evaluate different type of saline and silicone breast implants and to try them on in order to see which ones would look the best on you. Furthermore, he will go over many before-and-after pictures of other patients in order to demonstrate to you results of such surgery. Finally, he and or his staff will review with you preparatory instructions for surgery and potential risks and complications for breast surgery.