Why Have Plastic Surgery

In today’s society, as people live longer and healthier lives, an increasing premium is being placed on preserving one’s youthful appearance. Cosmetic surgery enables you to look as young, healthy, and energetic as you feel! Why not live your life to its fullest!

In my practice, I come across many men and women of all ages, social, and ethnic backgrounds who seek plastic surgery for personal as well as and professional reasons. Contrary the popular perception that people seek cosmetic enhancements to please their spouses or friends, I find that most just want to feel better about themselves, and for themselves. For instance, may women tell me that from an early age they wanted to have fuller breasts in order to look more proportional in cloths! While others who were born with congenital deformities sought plastic surgery just to look normal. Or have you ever heard of a friend saying that he/she hates having pictures taken because they hate their nose.

While many seek cosmetic surgery because of self-fulfillment, a growing number of others resort to cosmetic surgery for their work.

There is a growing pressure in the workforce not to look too old and rusty. Some fear being pushed out of their jobs, only to be replaced by younger workers. They wish to take steps to correct some of the physical signs of aging in order to remain competitive. This does not only pertain to the entertainment industry but to all professions.

For some, beauty springs forth from a person’s ‘aura,’ rather than a particular mix of features. Some may have ‘perfection’ in their features, yet still feel emptiness inside. The nose that looks ‘beautiful’ on the face of one person may be out of place on that of another. In short, the old adage that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ rings true in plastic surgery — as in all areas of life.

In choosing a plastic surgeon, be wary of those who claim that there are universal, or precise, measurements that define beauty. Some of the great “beauties” of all time would be eliminated by such standards. Such precision would lead to a world of clones, rather than one of individuals with unique, and even attractively “imperfect” features.