Inverted-V Nasal Deformity Reconstruction Rhinoplasty

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inn-img-45One of the most common complications of rhinoplasty in Los Angeles is an inverted-v deformity. Over resection of the upper lateral cartilages with collapse of the middle nasal vault can result in the loss of the outer or lateral nasal lines and the appearance of an inverted-v shape to the middle part of the nose on the front view.

Repair of an inverted-v deformity with a revision rhinoplasty usually requires use of spreader cartilage grafts in order to re-establish the lateral nasal lines.

A spreader graft is a pair of straight pieces of cartilage which are sutured on each side of the nasal septum to reinforce and to keep straight the nasal septum and the nasal bridge. A spreader graft will not only straighten the nose but will also open a narrow internal nasal valve, which will in effect open up the nasal airway. A spreader graft rhinoplasty is performed either via an open rhinoplasty or closed rhinoplasty approach.