Tummy Tuck Recovery Time Frame

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How long is the recovery period for tummy tuck? What is the time frame for recovery after abdominoplasty? And, what is the recovery course after tummy tuck?

These important questions about abdominoplasty recovery time course are answered below:

  • Week 1: During the first week you will need TOTAL CARE, to help you with getting around, bathing, rest room, medications, food, etc.
  • Week 2: Starting the second week you will be more independent and might even be able to drive for short distances. You will still be taking pain medications and cannot do any heavy activities or housework. Tummy tuck drains will usually be removed in 10-21 days. You can now start applying tummy tuck scar creams.
  • Week 3: Most people go to work by the third week after their tummy tuck. May start light exercise but no heavy lifting, bending, or abdominal exercises. Continue with your compression girdle at all times. Sex is OK but take it easy!!
  • Week 4: At one month after a tummy tuck most people are doing their routine activities and exercises but not heavy lifting for two months. You may go swimming if all your incisions healed. You can take off your tummy tuck compression garment at nights.
  • Week 6: You will still have moderate swelling of your abdomen and will still not feel like your usual self. Cloths might still not fit their best. As your abdominal skin feeling starts to return you will experience small sharp pains and jabs which are normal. Don’t wear your tummy tuck compression garment and burn it!
  • Week 12: By three months after your tummy tuck you will be about 75% healed and the results will start to show. There are no restrictions in terms of activity or exercise. Make sure to watch your diet and don’t gain weight.
  • Week 52: Tummy tuck results stabilize by the first year, and you will be able to maintain your tummy tuck results as long as you watch your diet and lifestyle. Congratulations you made it!