African American Female Tummy Tuck

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The goals of a tummy tuck for African American women is often different than Caucasians. As a plastic surgeon for African Americans who specializes in tummy tuck surgery, I have noticed that African American women in Los Angeles love to have curves!

Before & After Photos

While most Caucasian women want to get a small and petite figure with a tummy tuck, most African American women don’t mind being full bodied. Instead, Black women who get a tummy tuck rather have a curvaceous figure with a full buttock. The failure to note this difference in expectations among different ethnicities can often lead to the disappointment of African-American women who have gone through with plastic surgery, only to find themselves with a less attractive “stick-figure” body. Let’s take a look at before and after African American Tummy tuck pictures. Notice the tummy tuck scars in African American Women.

By using only internal sutures and surgical glue on the skin, Dr. Younai tries to prevent Keloid scars on the tummy tuck incision. This is what most African American women state they want in a tummy tuck: Black women don’t necessarily want to get thinner, but to become more curvaceous and sexy.

The cost of African American tummy tuck in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills vary depending on the type and extent of body contouring. Financing for tummy tuck is available by a variety of plastic surgery financing companies.