Stem Cell Breast Augmentation

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ba-img-42According to the FDA, breast implants are not lifetime devices and 50% fail during the first ten years. Then, why not use your own purified fat cells, otherwise known as fat stem cells, to enlarge your breasts!

Although, stem cell breast augmentation is relatively new in the United States, for many years it has been used for breast augmentation in other countries. This technique for natural breast augmentation was not widely used in the US until recently when vigorous scientific studies proved its efficacy and safety for fat grafting breast augmentation.

Dr. Sean Younai for the past several years has been using stem cell fat grafting for augmentation of many body parts, including the buttocks, chin, cheek, face, hands, and calves. The results have been outstanding, as the fat cells have become fully incorporated into wherever they were transplanted with long-term longevity. He has also used stem cell fat injections into the breast tissue to correct breast deformity after breast mastectomy reconstruction, or to fix breast implant rippling. These results on stem cell grafting of the breast have also been excellent and safe.

As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who is in the forefront of breast enhancement surgery, Dr. Younai also performs stem cell breast enlargement using the special technique of ultra-purification of the harvested fat and micro-fat grafting in order to ensure high stem cell take and long-term survival in the breast tissue.

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First, patient undergoes a gentle liposuction of the areas from which they want to lose fat! Harvested fat is then ultra-purified in order to raise the yield of stem cells. Then, fat stem cells are washed in a sterile fashion, and special additives are added to raise their survival rate.


Dr. Younai uses a very delicate and meticulous technique of micro-fat grafting to deposit very thin layers of fat stem cells within the breast gland, muscle, and subcutaneous tissue. This careful technique of fat transfer is done while keeping a three dimensional image of the breast in mind in order to increase cleavage, breast projection, and to create a natural and beautiful breast shape.


ba-img-40The recovery after stem cell breast augmentation is usually longer than when implants are used, because patients are also undergoing liposuction. Most patients recover in about 7-10 days after liposuction with micro-fat grafting to the breasts. There are special recovery instructions that are provided to patients at the California Center for Plastic Surgery. It is recommended to get a baseline mammogram 8 months to one year after stem cell breast enlargement surgery. There are reported instances that calcifications arise in some areas of fat grafted breast. Usually, expert mammographers can correctly identify and distinguish these from pre-cancerous calcifications.


ba-img-41With this technique of natural breast augmentation, you can only expect to enlarge your breasts from one to maybe two cup sizes, depending on what is your starting breast size. This procedure can be repeated after one year to add additional volume.

  • Fat grafting to the breast does not correct breast sagging, as breast implants do not either.
  • Fat grafting enlargement of breasts cannot be used immediately after removal of existing breast implants, as a way of exchange. You have to first remove your implants and allow one year for your breast tissue to heal before you can do stem cell grafting.
  • Depending on the density and integrity of your existing breasts, as well as the quality of your fat, some of the grafted fat can get absorbed or turn into scar tissue, thus requiring additional surgery.
  • You can only have this procedure if you have enough fat! Therefore, extremely fit women with minimal body fat are not candidates for stem cell fat grafting to the breasts.