Breast Augmentation Recovery

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Tips for fast recovery

Recovery after breast augmentation is usually shorter and easier than most other types of breast surgery such as breast lift, breast implant exchange, or capsulectomy. There are many myths promoted by Los Angeles plastic surgeons about fast healing breast augmentation techniques. Like many other Board Certified Plastic Surgeons who specialize in breast augmentation, Dr. Sean Younai, used meticulous and gentle surgical technique to reduce breast tissue inflammation during surgery.

Tips to Reduce Swelling

Swelling of the breasts and chest muscles is the most common sequel of breast enlargement surgery and contributes the most to prolonging recovery time. Therefore, Dr. Sean Younai recommends that:


Drink plenty of liquids the day before surgery and then to a comfortable level afterwards. Drink tea, Gatorade, Carbonated drinks, but not fruit juices because they make you more nauseated.


When you are resting or sleeping, lay in a semi-reclined or elevated position for the first two days after breast augmentation.
Arnica Montana Tablets- Start taking Arnica Montana pills or sublingual tablets from the day prior to your breast implant surgery. This Herbal medicine is available without prescription and greatly reduces bruising and swelling.\

Tips to Reduce Nausea

For unknown reasons breast surgery causes more nausea than any other type of plastic surgery. Therefore, Dr. Younai prepares patients ahead of surgery to minimize post-operative nausea and discomfort after breast enlargement surgery:

Scopolamine Patch

This small patch is placed behind the ear the night prior to surgery. It is also used for sea travel to reduce seasickness. It is a lifesaver!

Nausea Medication

Prior to your surgery we prescribe you nausea medication to take about 30 minutes prior to taking your pain pills, which makes women nauseated.


Walking from the day of surgery, just about the house, helps to increase circulation and reduce nausea and swelling.
Hydration- Drink plenty of liquids the day before surgery and then to a comfortable level afterwards.

Easy foods

From the day of your breast surgery start with liquids and slowly advance your diet to more solids in two days.
Tips to Reduce Pain and Soreness during Breast Enlargement Recovery

Pain Medication- For the first two days after breast augmentation don’t wait to have moderate pain until you take your pain medication. Stay ahead of pain! At least for the first day or so take your pain medication every four hours without a break.

Muscle Relaxants- Breast augmentation causes back and chest muscle stiffness and spasm, which can be perceived as pain. Have someone massage your back and neck to relax your muscles. If this does not work, you can also take muscle-relaxing medications.

Ice or Cold Packs- While some plastic surgeons recommend icing your breasts after surgery, I caution patients because extreme cold can reduce circulation. Also, since you might still not have full sensation over your breasts after surgery, you might cause frostbite by not feeling that your breast skin is getting too cold. Therefore, if you are going to use ice, do not apply it directly, and limit the application time.
Time off Work after Breast Augmentation Recovery

Most women are able to return to their basic daily activities by four to seven days after breast surgery. Your ability to conduct your job is obviously dependent on how physically demanding is your job.

Returning to Exercises after Breast Augmentation Recovery

You can start with gentle walking in two days after surgery and then start with exercises that do not involve movement of your breasts. Most women are able go jogging or use a treadmill in about two weeks after breast augmentation. Refrain from doing direct pectoral muscle exercises for at least two months after surgery.