Breast Augmentation with Mommy Makeover

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Breast augmentation is a crucial part of mommy makeover surgery in Los Angeles! Women who have lost breast fullness due to breast-feeding and pregnancy seek breast enlargement surgery in Los Angeles. However, they also consider having a tummy tuck at the same time, in order to also get rid of their loose abdominal skin folds and stretch marks. The combination of breast augmentation and tummy tuck is a plastic surgery procedure that is called “mommy makeover” because it gives new mothers their youthful body and full breasts back!


ba-img-28The combination of breast enlargement surgery and tummy tuck in one surgical setting can save not only plastic surgery cost, but also can reduce total recovery time for women who rather not take time off work twice. Finally, why not reduce the number of times that you go under general anesthesia from two to one!


ba-img-33The price of breast augmentation with mommy makeover depends on several factors. In Los Angeles, breast augmentation cost varies based on exam and type of procedures. There are additional fees for breast lift surgery. Silicone implants also cost more than saline breast implants. Finally, you have to add the cost of tummy tuck to that of breast augmentation in order to have a mommy makeover. The cost of tummy tuck in Los Angeles and Southern California can vary depending on a patient’s size and adjunct procedures that have to be performed as part of abdominoplasty. Plastic surgery financing for breast augmentation and mommy makeover often helps women to be able to afford the combined fees of breast augmentation and tummy tuck.


While breast augmentation recovery usually takes about four days, a tummy tuck recovery is closer to two weeks. Therefore, the recovery time for a mommy makeover, which includes breast augmentation, is about two to three weeks.