Breast Implant Size

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ba-img-74Choosing an ideal breast implant size for breast augmentation is probably the most important decision that a woman takes prior to breast enlargement surgery in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, many women do not have a clear idea of how different cup sizes actually look. They look at breast augmentation before and after pictures not realizing that the final breast cup size is only partially dependent on the breast implant size! Besides different size breast implants look differently on women with different frames, height, and body shape.

To make the right choice, you should not only consider breast implant sizes. The most important factor is how a particular breast implant size looks on a particular frame and height. Proportionality is the final arbiter of the overall appearance of the breasts.

ba-img-76Women are also confused and mislead by the bra manufacturers. While they might fit a C bra from one manufacturer, another one might label the same bra as a D cup. Also, there is a misunderstanding as to why bras are labeled as they are.
For example, a 36 C means that the circumference of the chest wall is 36 inches, and the size of the breasts is a C cup. This means that going larger will only change the cup size and not the strap size.

Another point of confusion is the belief that larger size breast implants protrude more. To the contrary, an implant’s width increases more than its projection. Therefore, going bigger doesn’t necessarily mean that your breasts are going to protrude more. It means that you will get more fullness on the sides and a stronger cleavage. This is a more important consideration for the attractiveness of your final result.

ba-img-77This being said, first consider the factors that should not be a part of your decision. These include basing your decision on the proportions of models and celebrities who have body proportions very different from your own. Do not do so by comparing yourself to your friends. And don’t leave it all up to your cosmetic surgeon. This is a joint decision that you will make with his or her expert input about your particular physique.

Some surgeons or web sites suggest that you fill your bra with different size bags of sand, grain, or water in order to find the right size. It is actually more effective to have patients try on actual implants in a special bra during their consultation. This gives them a more realistic estimate of the final result, while also giving the cosmetic surgeon a clearer understanding of their goals.

Your cosmetic surgeon should give you as much time as you need in the office to “try on” different sizes of implants. You will practice inserting them into various bras – perhaps some that you will bring with you to the office. While you should not base your decision on the desire to look exactly like someone else, you can bring photographs to demonstrate to your surgeon the looks that you prefer. Factors that will influence the final choice include what kind of implant placement the surgeon will use, and through which kind of incision it will be placed. Also, ask to see “Before and After” photos of your cosmetic surgeon’s work. It is important that you have a good feeling about his or her aesthetic sense, and skill as a surgeon.

How to Choose the Ideal Breast Implant Size

An ideal breast implant size is one that has a base diameter close to your own breast width or maybe a bit bigger in order to give you more cleavage. Breast implants also come in different projections, meaning that some are perkier than others are. Most breast implant specialists choose a breast implant projection that gives their patient the optimal size and look depending on the width of their chest. While a low profile implant give you a flatter look it also give you more cleavage. On the other hand, a high profile breast implant of the same size will look perkier and more prominent without exaggerating the cleavage or protruding outside the chest’s frame.

The Right Breast Implant Size for Your Body

After many years of doing breast augmentation, most breast implant specialists realize that despite matching the chest measurements to that of the breast implant, ultimately the implant has to go well with the entire figure! That is why, during breast enlargement consultation, I have women try on different volume breast implant “sizers” so that they can see in front of the mirror how they would look in cloths. I have found that this gives the most predictable image of how a woman would look after breast enlargement surgery.

How do Mentor and Allergan Breast implants vary in size, shape, and ultimate look?

I only use breast implants that are FDA approved in the United States, which include those made by Mentor and Allergan Corporations. The sizes and shapes of these two brands of implants vary to a little extend, but the way they look and feel at same sizes can vary. In my personal experience Mentor saline breast implants tend to have a wider range of fill, which means that they feel soft at a wider range of volumes. That is why, when using Allergan implants, I am more careful to make sure that the patient has chosen the more exact volume prior to surgery.

Breast Implant Size: Saline vs. Silicone Implants

Comparison of saline and silicone breast implants of equal volume or ccs, you will find that silicone implants tend to make breasts look a bit flatter, and not as perky as saline implants. That is because silicone is heavier than saline, so it settles more. When comparing a saline and silicone implant of the same size, the saline implants look a bit bigger.

Breast Implant Size for Breast Lift with Implants

Most women who have breast lift surgery or mastopexy also need breast implants in order to fill their lost breast volume. Choosing the proper breast implant size when you also need a breast lift is very complicated. That is because the breast lift process reduces the breast size by about one cup size, therefore, you have two opposing factors affecting the decision of picking the ideal breast implant size. That is why you should only consult with a breast implant specialist who is experienced in all aspect of breast surgery including Augmentopexy.

Large Breast Implant Size

The largest implant size that is manufactured in the United States is 850cc with a final fill volume of approximately 920 ccs or approximately one liter, which is two and a half pounds per breast. Disproportionately large breast implant size carries certain drawbacks and risks. Besides causing excessive strain on your neck and upper back, excessively-sized breast implants which exceed the normal dimensions of the breast could produce irreversible tissue thinning, implant drop out or bottoming out, sagging, visible and palpable rippling and even Symmastia, a condition where both breasts join each other in a single pocket due to the loss of the cleavage fold. An attempt to treat these requires further surgery and additional expenses.