Breast Lift Scars

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ba-img-68The primary reason that keeps women from getting a breast lift is its scars. While women want to have perky and youthful breast they don’t want the scars of breast lift surgery. While having heard of breast scars and cost of breast lift surgery most women don’t really know or have seen before and after pictures of breast scars. In order to help women make a rational and educated decision about breast lift surgery we are explaining in detail the location and severity of breast lift scars.

The scars or incisions from a breast lift vary in length and location depending on the type and extent of the breast lift or Mastopexy. There are three major types of breast lift procedures, each with unique scars.

ba-img-69Inverted-T mastopexy is a full breast lift surgery chosen to treat sever breast sagging or “ptosis.” This type of breast lift has an anchor shaped scar which extends vertically down from the areola and connects to a horizontal scar in the breast fold. The vertical component of this scar is most visible, but it is also the part that fades best over time. The part of this breast lift scar which can become thick or keloid-like is the part in the sub-mammary fold with is usually hidden under the breast. Plastic surgeons that place breast implants at the time of breast augmentation also use the same incisions to insert the breast implants. It is also best to limit the length of the under-breast-fold scar so that it does go beyond the outer limit of a bikini top.

Peri-areolar or Benelli mastopexy scars are placed around the periphery of the areola. While this breast lift scar is well camouflaged, it tends to stretch and widen with time. Usually, revision of this scar after one year makes it look much less noticeable.

Crescent lift breast lift surgery involves removing a crescent shape piece of loose skin from above the areola with the resulting scar becoming a semi-circular line on the top edge of the areola. This breast lift scar is inconspicuous and is hardly noticeable after it heals.
Can breast lift surgery be combined with breast augmentation?

ba-img-70Women who develop saggy breasts as a result of weight loss, aging, or after breast feeding not only need to have their breasts lifted but also need to make them fuller. This is why a breast lift is often combined with breast augmentation by also inserting a breast implant while lifting the breast. While most Los Angeles plastic surgeons favor doing a breast lift and augmentation simultaneously, plastic surgeons from outside of California often favor first doing a breast augmentation and then a breast lift at a later time. As a plastic surgeon who specializes in breast surgery, I have performed hundreds of breast augmentations and lifts safely and successfully simultaneously. I believe that combining a mastopexy and augmentation allows the plastic surgeon to tailor the “breast envelope” to size of the breast implant.