Breast Lift Cost

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ba-img-65The cost of breast lift surgery varies throughout Southern California based on several factors. The main determinate of the price of breast lift surgery is the type of breast lift or mastopexy that you are having. The surgery time for a minor breast lift when combined with breast implant placement is usually half the time required to do a full breast lift procedure such as an Inverted-T Mastopexy. Therefore, a minor type of breast lift surgery such as a crescent breast lift can cost between $6,500 to $7,500 while that of a major breast lift, such as an anchor lift, could be between $9,000 to $12,000. There could be additional costs depending on if you are using saline or silicone breast implants during mastopexy surgery.

ba-img-66Other types of breast lift surgery such as a Benelli breast lift, also known as peri-areolar breast lift, can cost from $7500 to $9,000 in Los Angeles.

While some Beverly Hills breast implant specialists perform a breast lift simultaneously with breast augmentation, others only do these procedures separately which can increase the overall cost of breast lift surgery.

ba-img-67It is not uncommon for women to need who have already had breast implants to need a breast lift after pregnancy, weight loss, or just aging. A breast lift that is combined with exchange of existing breast implants with larger or smaller implants could be more complicated and thus could cost more.

Most of the breast lift prices quoted above include anesthesia, surgery center, and surgeon’s fees. Your surgeon might charge separately for surgery center and anesthesia fees depending on where he is performing your breast lift surgery.

ba-img-68While most health insurances cover a breast reduction, they do not pay for breast lift surgery, because it is considered a cosmetic procedure. Fortunately, plastic surgery financing has made breast lift surgery more affordable and therefore possible for women who what to have their sagging breasts lifted.