Male Blepharoplasty

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Male eyelid surgery is becoming one of the most commonly performed male cosmetic procedures in the United States and continues to grow in widespread popularity. Eyelid enhancement procedures are not only designed for women; men can benefit from these procedures, too! For this reason, Dr. Younai has created eyelid procedures dedicated to helping his male patients achieve a younger, but still masculine appearance. To find out more about this advanced male eyelid procedure, we encourage patients to call or contact the office of Dr. Sean Younai and request their private consultation today!

What is Male Eyelid Surgery?

Male eyelid surgery, clinically known as male blepharoplasty, is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin, fat, and tissue from the upper eyelids, the lower eyelids, or both. However, this method is different from traditional blepharoplasty in that this particular procedure is entirely geared towards the male aesthetic and maintaining masculine facial features. The primary goal of conventional eyelid surgery is that when only the excess skin is removed, it can often leave a soft, feminine appearance. Because male blepharoplasty was designed with men in mind, it provides better results for men specifically than seen with traditional methods.

The key to this procedure is to remove excess skin, fat, and tissue from the upper or lower lids while making sure not to take away from the thicker facial muscles and heavier brow line that is found in the male facial features.

What Does It Treat?

Male eyelid surgery can be used to treat concerns that are functional or purely cosmetic. Drooping eyelids and pockets of fat can cause more than an aged look. The men who seek this eyelid procedure are often looking to treat or correct concerns such as:

  • Ptosis
  • Ectropion/entropion
  • Double eyelid
  • Under-eye bags
  • Excess skin and wrinkles along the lower lid

Male Eyelid Surgery Candidates

Men who are potential candidates for a male eyelid procedure are looking to correct excess skin on their upper eyelids, pockets of fat and sagging skin under the eyes, or have droopy lower lids that cause a condition called ectropion. However, patients may seek this procedure for purely cosmetic reasons.

These conditions can make patients looking tired and older than they truly are.

Sagging upper eyelids can impair the full vision, cutting off peripheral views. Good candidates for this procedure are men who are in good health and have no underlying health conditions that can pose a risk to a steady recovery. We also ask that patients maintain realistic expectations. To find out if you are a good candidate for this procedure, please contact our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Younai today.


During the one-on-one consultation, Dr. Younai will ask the patient to explain what they are looking to achieve through this male eyelid procedure, their expectations, and the particular concerns they are looking to address. This will allow the doctor to get a better understanding of the patient’s need and how to help them reach their desired results. After this has been discussed, Dr. Younai will conduct a medical history evaluation, looking at the patient’s current health, routine medications being taken, and any previous surgical procedures if any.

To make the final determinants for candidacy, Dr. Younai will be performing a physical examination of the eyes and face. This will allow him to accurately identify the patient’s concerns as a whole and find the best treatment options for them. During this time, the patient and doctor will create a custom treatment plan that is designed towards their exact needs. Through this, Dr. Younai will be able to provide the patient with an accurate price quote for their male eyelid procedure. If additional procedures or treatments can help strengthen the results, the doctor will be making these recommendations and discuss them further during the consultation. If the patient is found to be a good candidate, they will be given the option to schedule their surgery, although there is no obligation to do so at this time.

It is advised by Dr. Younai to speak with family and friends before deciding on this procedure to ensure that they will have a great support system during their recovery.


Once the male eyelid procedure has been scheduled, Dr. Younai will provide the patient with personalized instructions to help them properly prepare for their surgery. This list will include general preparatory recommendations, as well as instructions pertaining specifically towards the patient’s case. Patients will be advised to make arrangements to receive a ride home following their procedure, as they will be unable to drive themselves.

It is also important to have someone on-call for the first few days after their surgery because the patient will be visually impaired for a brief time.

About two weeks before the procedure, the patient should stop taking any form of anti-inflammatory medications to reduce the risk of excessive bleeding and bruising. Lastly, if the patient smokes, they will be instructed to quit at least three weeks leading up to their eyelid procedure. During this time, if patients have any questions or concerns, we ask that they call our office and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members. Our team is ready and willing to assist patients in any way they can!

The Procedure

The male blepharoplasty procedure is typically performed in-office under local anesthetic; however, in some cases, this procedure can be performed under general anesthesia. This option can be discussed at the time of the consultation. Depending on the patient’s needs, they can choose to undergo an upper, lower, or combination blepharoplasty. The length of the procedure takes about 1-3 hours to perform, varying in time if the upper and lower eyelids are being treated and if additional procedures are being performed in conjunction with this surgery. During the initial consultation, Dr. Younai and the patient will work together to decide the best treatment options and techniques to use to provide the patient with their desired results.

Upper Blepharoplasty

For the correction to the upper eyelids, an incision will be made within the natural crease of the lid. Through this incision, Dr. Younai will remove the necessary excess skin and tissue. There are particular cases in which the male patient prefers to have a fuller upper eyelid. In cases such as this, the doctor will need to inject a small amount of the patient’s fat into the lid to achieve this look. Once this is complete, the doctor will close the incisions using thin sutures.

Because the incision is made along the natural crease, any scarring that develops will be nicely camouflaged and will continue to fade over time.

Lower Blepharoplasty

To enhance the lower lids, the doctor may make one of two different incisions. The incision can either be placed inside the eyelid, called a transconjunctival incision, or just near the lower lash line, referred to as a subciliary incision. Both of these incisions come with their benefits, and the best option will be chosen during the consultation with Dr. Younai. Transconjunctival incisions are best to remove pockets of fat, whereas subciliary incisions are best to correct drooping lower eyelids. For this procedure, the excess skin, tissue, and fat will either be removed or repositioned to provide a more youthful appearance while still maintain masculinity.

Once complete, the incisions will be closed using sutures, and the scars will be easily hidden within the lower lash line or inside the lid entirely.

Combination Blepharoplasty

Upon approval from the doctor, the patient may be able to receive both the upper and lower blepharoplasty during the same surgery. For this combination eyelid surgery, both of the techniques mentioned above will be performed. Combining these procedures into one operation can cut the patient’s downtime considerably and is also a cost-effective option if both procedures will need to be performed eventually. This procedure is approved by Dr. Younai on a case by case basis because not all patients will need correction to both lids.


Once the procedure has been completed, the patient will be free to leave the office and continue their recovery in the comfort of their own home.

The patient will be asked to return to our practice for several post-op appointments to allow Dr. Younai the ability to monitor their healing process. The sutures will be removed during one of these follow-up appointments. The doctor will provide the patient with aftercare instructions, teaching them how to care for the treated region properly and how to avoid a dry eye condition. It is essential that the patient rests with their head elevated during healing to reduce swelling and bruising around the eyes. Cold compresses can also help to reduce these symptoms.

Patients should be aware that this procedure does not prevent the natural signs of aging from occurring, but it will prolong them. Therefore, patients may need to seek further treatment in later years. However, this procedure does remove a dull or tired appearance, restoring a youthful, yet still masculine, appearance.


The cost of the male eyelid surgery will vary from patient to patient depending on the extent of treatment that they require, as well as if any additional treatments are being performed in conjunction with this surgery for further results.

Coming in for a consultation is the first step to determine a patient’s candidacy and provide them with a custom quote based on their needs. To obtain an individualized procedure quote, please contact the office of Dr. Sean Younai and request a consultation today!