Arm Liposuction

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Women throughout Los Angeles seek liposuction of arms for many reasons. Arm liposuction is one way of getting rid of flabby arms. Suctioning of fat from the upper arms can leave women with more attractive and proportionate arms. In the sunny Southern California where women like to wear sleeveless dresses arm liposuction can be a blessing for women who have chunky arms.

Upper arm liposuction is performed by a Los Angeles plastic surgeon under general anesthesia. Very small stab incisions are made in the arm pit and the elbow crease for insertion of liposuction cannula. After infiltration of the fatty arm areas with the tumescent fluid, fine liposuction cannulas are used to suction out excess subcutaneous fat. These incision sites leave very small scars that are camouflaged in natural skin creases. After arm liposuction patients are fitted with post liposuction garments that help to reduce swelling and bruising of the arms. Recovery from arm liposuction takes about a week. While recovering from liposuction it is very helpful to massage the arms in order to improve circulation, reduce swelling, and to smoothen the skin. It usually takes 3 months to fully recover from arm liposuction and to see the final results.

Amazingly, skin shrinkage after liposuction is modest, resulting tightening and forming of the arms. Despite this, not all women with large arms are candidates for arm liposuction in Beverly Hills. Women who have large arm flab and hanging skin are better served with an arm tuck or brachioplasty. Arm lift is best performed by plastic surgeons that specialize in body contouring after massive weight loss. These Los Angeles plastic surgeons are experts in treating people who are left with excess arm skin folds after gastric bypass or bariatric surgery.

It takes years of experience by an expert plastic surgeon to be able to judge which women are candidates for liposuction and which are better served by brachioplasty. When reviewing arm liposuction before and after photos consider patients age, skin type, and their history of weight loss.