Titan Procedure

The Titan Procedure

Achieving the Ultimate Male Body Form

What does the perfect male body look like? Some believe that an ideal male torso is a combination of chiseled abs with full and muscular pecs. Up to now the only possible way of achieving this was to basically live in the gym and constantly pump iron! Now there is an easier way to achieve the ultimate male body form, called The Titan Procedure.

To find out about the latest craze of male body shaping, I interviewed Dr. Sean Younai who is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Los Angeles. Looking at his before and after pictures, I am in awe with his amazing results, and the expertise and experience that he has had in male body contouring.

During my interview, the inventor of The Titan Procedure describes it in detail. According to Dr. Younai, he first starts with male body sculpturing, careful and thorough liposuctioning of the abdomen, flanks, and lower back. Here the excess gut fat is removed to reveal the underlying abdominal muscles. He also removes the “love handles” and creates the V-Cut waistline. By removing the lower back fat, he deepens the back curve and divulges the buttocks.

After The Titan ProcedureThe procedure does not stop there. I catch Dr. Younai smiling when he then says, “Why throw away the liposuction fat, when you can put it to good use. While women can inject their excess fat into their buttocks or breasts to make them fuller, why can’t men make pecs out of them!“ And that is exactly what he does next. This talented plastic surgeon has used his specialized experience in fat grafting for buttock augmentation, breast augmentation, facial rejuvenation, and reconstructive surgery, to now build and shape the ideal looking pecs for his male patients. And all of this is achieved very naturally, without the use of pec implants! More scientifically it is called, male chest pectoral muscle enhancement with fat grafting, where Dr. Younai transfers the actual stem cell of the fat to the chest area, so it can grow naturally with your own chest tissues.

As I was leaving my interview about The Titan procedure, I was thinking that as this new plastic surgery procedure becomes known to men, there might become a time when men would no longer only ask to get liposuction, but to also recycle their fat into “muscle or pecs”!

Sandra Walker,
Health & Fitness Writer

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