My Experience With Fat Transfer For Lip Augmentation

A patient of mine submitted this post, after she had lip augmentation with fat transfer:

Lip Augmentation with Fat GraftingFull lips have always been something I’ve wanted and been drawn to. Being on the younger side, I am 26 years old and I want to optimize my youth and look young and beautiful for as long as possible.

I wanted to shorten the distance from my upper lip to where my nose starts and have fuller more plump lips. I was not born with big lushes lips, quite the opposite; I felt I looked masculine with little tiny fine precise lips. I have tried a million different products such as lip enhancing serums, fillers, lip glosses, injections, even the silly things the Internet tells you to do like using suction to irritate them, pouring cinnamon on your lips, or even rubbing peppers on them…Crazy I know.

Lip DiagramI’ve tried everything to the moon and back, the only problem was none of this was permanent, it was all temporary and I didn’t want that. I’ve was utilizing Juvaderm for example, and that is definitely not permanent, but it allowed me to know that I really liked the effect and I was able to take Dr. Younai for a test drive. I was sick of always having to go back though, because it was not permanent and the bills definitely start to rack up. I wanted beautiful quality results and I wanted them to last and with that being said I knew that this is something I truly wanted and I would not settle for less than perfect results. My tiny lips has always been the one thing that made me feel less confident. As a woman, my idea of feeling sexy and being comfortable in my own skin, was having flawless luscious lips, to me that is what makes a face. It has always been a dream of mine ever since I was a little girl and admiring women with pretty hair, a pointy nose, and big red lips and now with the intelligence and artistry of Dr. Younai, that became my reality.

I researched the best Doctors in Beverly Hills and best procedures I could find to fulfill my needs and I could not be happier having undergone stem cell lip augmentation with Dr. Younai. I am a make-up artist in the industry of beauty and fashion, so my lips are very important for me. All of my most demanding tutorials are on lips, lipsticks, lip liners especially since Kylie Jenner arrived at the scene with fuller lips. Having her lips and achieving her look is what’s super hot right now, it’s the latest trend, how to get those plump perfect lips, so we all have Kylie to thank for that, thanks Kylie!

How It Works

Instead of putting anything foreign into your body, Dr. Younai uses your own fat to replenish and add volume to your lips. He explained to me that fat needs a good blood supply to survive and stem cells in their regenerative process release several growth factors that cause angiogenesis, aka new capillary formation. Basically, the combination of fat and stem cells, work as a perfect team to augment your lips with your natural tissue. The tissue not only comes from your body, but grows and becomes part of your lips and lives on.


Lip Augmentation ProcedureThe procedure time is anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, again depending on your specific case, I’m sure time changes between patients. You use fat from your body, so it is harvested from another area on your body, which is often the abdomen and then it is prepared and inserted with a needle into the lip from multiple points.


Recovery was so minimal, there are a few guidelines you have to follow, but nothing super drastic. There was some bruising that lasted about a week for me and the swelling only lasted for about two weeks or so, but again SO worth it in my opinion. Also, I do have to mention, Dr. Younai did tell me that everyone heals differently, so some people may experience swelling for more days than I did, up to a possible month for example.


The price range could be anywhere from $1,500- $2,500 which includes all the facility fees, surgeon fees, etc. But, everyone’s case is different, it also depends on what you and Dr. Younai discuss.

I do want to give you a warning though. With this procedure and any other type of procedure, sometimes the doctor who is the cheapest is not your best option. When I was researching all of this, I noticed a big discrepancy about some people experiencing lumps and bumps and having to get this all re-done and more fat inserted because it dies. Well let me tell you, all of that is because they went to a doctor that was not heavily experienced at doing augmentations using fat transfer. There are specific reasons why each of those negative things occur and they only occur because the doctor was not an expert at this specific specialty, so choose wisely, or if you are in doubt, just pick Dr. Younai, because he nailed my surgery! I am absolutely happy with the results!

Also, just to give a comparison to your other options. I know for a fact that I already spent over a few thousand dollars trying to achieve the perfect results with non-permanent options. I was so sick of always having to go back and redo everything and pour tons of money into something that was not going to last. Juvaderm and/or Restalin alone is around $500 a vial, which usually takes about two vials per session and I went to have this done every 3-6 months or so, that is why the lip augmentation from stem cell fat transfer is brilliant and it is so worth every penny I spent.


Most people cannot even tell that I had anything done. People just notice that something changed, they say I look different in a good way, but are not sure what I did and when I tell people the truth, they can’t even believe how real and natural it looks. I am glad I waited and sought out the right surgeon, instead of doing something irrational and dangerous. I am glad this procedure exists, I cant say enough great things about all of this. I think it is important to experiment and see what works for you and what doesn’t. Being able to try silly products, I was able to understand what I wanted, it was very clear and that is what lead me to having the lip augmentation with fat transfer. I see the affect that it has on my face, even my make up looks different, I love it so much! My face looks full now, I don’t look masculine, having fuller lips made my face appear softer and more feminine. I tell my clients all the time and they are all so interested in this procedure, I was surprised how many people had the same issues like me and wanted to enhance their lips as well. It made me feel even better about my decision. You are only young once and you only have one shot to make it work, so my advice is that you have to trust the Doctor, do your research and ask as many questions possible. That is why I trust Dr. Younai, he was patient and kind and answered all of my crazy questions and made me feel confident about my decision, I highly recommend him!

I am seriously so thrilled with my results, I cannot be more thankful for the knowledge and care Dr. Younai and his wonderful staff provided. I only hope that others get to experience this as I did, it’s truly enlightening. I feel like a new woman, not because I did not feel beautiful before, but because I fixed the one minor detail that I was not happy with and I am glad that I did it. It was simple, easy, very satisfying, and I highly recommend this procedure and Dr. Younai to all of my friends, family members and even co-workers. My best friend already booked her appointment for the same procedure and I am so excited for her.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thank you again Dr. Younai, you are amazing!!! and hello Linda!!!

Love always,
Alexis G.

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