Breast Enhancement: A Physical and Psychological Revival

In a recent study, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) noted that 98 percent of women who underwent breast augmentation surgery said their results met or exceeded their expectations. Women that are thinking about having the surgery themselves are now reassured that other women who have had the surgery are more than happy with the outcome. The study also showed that 92 percent of women reported an improved self esteem after breast augmentation, and more than half of those surveyed said that they now have an improved quality of life. 86 percent of women who participated in the study also reported that they were self-conscious about their breasts, but that number dropped to only 13 percent after the procedure.

By working carefully with your plastic surgeon you can achieve the appropriate size and shape to fit your body’s proportion. There are many sizes and shapes of implants that are designed specifically for the various female body types. Silicone and saline are the two most common types of implants used in breast augmentation. A saline implant is considered the safer of the two as it is filled with a sterile saline solution that is unlikely to cause infection in the case of implant rupture or leaking. Saline implants also have the added benefit of a smaller incision as they are filled after the implant is placed below the breast muscle. The silicone implant features arguably the greatest benefit in the eyes of most women: a natural look and feel.

Women want that full, upright and exquisite bust line and there are certain shapes of implants to give them that perfect, sexy physique. Round implants are wider and they fill in the upper portion of the breast which promotes greater cleavage than before. Some surgeons will suggest a teardrop implant for women who are trying to get a full look in the lower breast. With today’s fashion trends highlighting a woman’s bust line, or lack thereof in some cases, women want to look sexy when they dress to impress.

A woman wants to be able to wear anything that makes her happy, but if her bust line doesn’t fill in quite right, then that self-conscious feeling will start to kick in. When women go shopping for clothes they have to always be aware about how each garment fits with their specific body. You may decide to pass on a certain skirt or blouse because your bust just doesn’t fill it out the way you want. Some women feel like their breasts don’t look good in anything and this makes them feel uncomfortable in their own skin.

For these women, and so many others who desire bigger, beautiful breasts, breast augmentation can make you feel confident in your own skin again. It is a procedure that will change your body and your mind. The overwhelming majority of women who’ve had breast implants felt more than satisfied about the results of their surgery. They’ve grown to enjoy life even more than before after their surgery. These women are no longer self-conscious about the way they look, and with the affordability of the procedure these days, there is hardly any reason not to indulge in your desire for bigger, beautiful breasts. Change your life for the better, and for always.

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