Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer is Magic!

A patient of mine submitted this post, after she had a breast augmentation with stem cell:

Breast Augmentation Fat TransferThere is one thing I can tell you about what women like to do when they are together and that’s talk! When I get together with my girlfriends and get to chatting, we usually end up talking about relationships, our insecurities, or trade beauty advice with one another. I want to share with you an amazing procedure that changed my life. It is called Breast Augmentation through Stem Cell Fat Transfer. Being a modern, confident woman these days is pretty exhausting and quite stressful. We worry about our bodies and want to ensure we keep our attractiveness for whomever we are dating. I plan to be as hot as I can until I am an old lady! Let’s admit it ladies, our obsession with our boobs is undeniable.

Always keeping my eyes and ears open for new non implant breast enhancement procedures, I prayed for a breakthrough in science to find a way! I always wanted bigger breasts, but I was terrified of the thought of having silicone or even saline implants inside my body. Some of my close friends had implants done and they were fine and beautiful, it worked out beautifully for them, but I was too afraid of possible side effects. With my luck, I felt I might end up with a rupture, moldy, leaky boobs or worse, an infection. At least, that’s what I’m afraid of, having anything foreign in my body freaks me out.

During one of my lady gatherings over brunch and mimosas, I overheard two of my girlfriends talking about Doctor Younai, they have being seeing him for multiple reasons and how happy they are after their visits with him. Now, these women were always beautiful, but that day I noticed there was something about them that had changed. Nothing dramatic, but they were glowing and I have to mention, I tried not to stare, but their breasts looked great! Kind of hard not to look in that low cut dress and blouse, but anyhow, they looked great!

My interest above all were their boobs, how can I get mine to look like theirs? I was an ‘A’ cup, so my worry is that if I might go too big, it would not look natural. The new latest breast enhancement craze that I found out about from them is Stem Cell Fat Transfer and it can allow me to go up to 2 sizes larger, it sounded perfect! This procedure is the most popular breast enhancement these days and it’s the most natural because it’s done with your own fat.

It sounded amazing! Dr. Younai takes the fat from somewhere on my body that I don’t want it and puts it into my breasts, this encourages my body to naturally produce breasts without the complications and fears that come along with implants; infection, rupture, tears, rippling, etc…

I’ve never been the brave type to go full force surgery, especially when it involved putting a foreign object inside of my body, so this seemed perfect for me. This was the least invasive and I was stoked when I heard about it! The thought of something happening to my nipples with implants scares me too! I love my nipples, they are pretty looking and love stimulation, so it’s scary that something could change if I went with implants. I like to also keep into consideration that maybe one day I’d have a child and would like to breast feed. I didn’t want any obstructions preventing any of these things from working naturally. After researching on my own and speaking to my friends, family and Dr. Younai, I decided to go for the stem cell fat transfer. It’s a simple procedure with little downtime, affordable and totally worth every penny!

Where does the donor fat come from?

Breast Augmentation Fat Transfer Before & AfterAll the places I’d like it gone! Flanks, love handles and my tummy! It sounded incredible! Ok, so, I needed to have a liposuction procedure, but it was then used for filling the breast area that lacked fullness. The doctor explained to me that it’s not just transferring fat, which I was sort of concerned with the chunky texture that fat can have if it’s just moved from one part of the body to another. He transfers the actual stem cell of the fat to the breast area, so it can grow naturally with my own breast tissues, so it becomes smooth and tight, not clumpy at all.


I was so excited about how natural this was going to be! I knew there would be a very short downtime, but just in case, I decided to take a week off from work. Some bruising is possible, but I already knew that as long I avoided taking any supplements such as vitamin E, Advil, herbal etc…for about 2 weeks before and after, I shouldn’t bruise very much at all. The same thing applied when I had my wisdom teeth removed, so it stuck with me. Avoiding these will prevent my blood from thinning that usually creates bruising.

How much is this going to cost?

I’m sure is what you’re wondering. I was worried this sounded so good that it was going to break the bank, but to my surprise, his costs, along with the quality of his work were unbelievable. I saw some before and after pictures that were amazing transformations and beautiful! I was extremely pleased! Well, during my research, I compared quite a few doctors who specialized in this procedure and I did find that Dr. Younai had the most affordable prices and most importantly, he is a genius! He was caring and artistic; totally understanding of what I wanted to achieve. I mean, a great doctor in this profession has to also be an artist, they listen, observe, visualize and bring to life! Dr. Younai was awesome and a pleasure to work with. As nervous as I was, he made sure that I was ready without pushing me, but he also gave me confidence knowing that I was about to finally get the breast that I wanted and it’s all natural. It’s all me.

It’s now been just over 5 months and my confidence including my sex life has never been better! I am so thankful I met with Dr. Younai and his wonderful staff. They changed my life and touched my heart with their comforts and quality of care. Had I not took a chance I would never know how true happiness feels. I want to thank Dr. Younai from the bottom of my heart for such amazing work. I couldn’t and wouldn’t have done it without you!

– Jessica L.

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