Large Volume Lipo to the rescue!

One of my patients sent me her story to share with our audience. Please enjoy!

The Dreaded Hawaii Getaway:

Every year, my girlfriends and I go to Hawaii for a college reunion. We hardly get to see each other anymore since we all live in different cities, but luckily this has been a routine trip for the past 16 years! We usually stay for a week, and the days are filled with hikes, sightseeing, boating, but mostly tanning on the beach. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my friends dearly and doing all of these activities with them. But ever since I gained a lot of weight after having my son, I don’t get as excited about Hawaii as I used to knowing I’d have to show some skin on the sand.

I was never stick thin, but I was okay with that. I loved my body the way it was, curves and all. But after giving birth to my son, I gained about 75 lbs and I have NOT been able to work it off. And not knocking diet plans, but none of them were effective for me. My husband told me I looked just as beautiful, but I didn’t feel like it. Again, I always had a little extra, let say cushion. But at that weight I knew I was too heavy, not only for my looks, but my health.

I so wanted this trip to be different than last year. Knowing the next reunion was 6 months away, I began searching online for a surgical solution. After some research, I couldn’t find many doctors that would remove more than a small specific amount of fat, and the ones I did find that would remove more were out of state. Eventually I came across Dr. Sean Younai and he had something called “Large Volume Liposuction.” This looked like the perfect thing for me, and he was just a freeway ride away in Encino! I made a consultation appointment as soon as possible knowing I’d need some time to recover before Hawaii.


The office was stunning and the staff was amazing! When Dr. Sean Younai began my private consultation he eased me into the whole surgery process by just having a regular conversation with me. He was so warm and kind; it felt like I was chatting with an old friend! He started to ask me questions like how I felt about my appearance.

I explained how I was always a little bigger, but after the baby I was not happy with my appearance. He agreed that I would benefit from Large Volume Liposuction for both confidence and health reasons. He recommended a Tummy Tuck with the liposuction procedure since there would be a lot of extra skin. After a long and thorough consultation, he sent me home with a list of pre-operative instructions of how to prepare for my surgery.

Preparing For My Procedure

I was so excited I started completing and crossing things off the list immediately. For starters I asked/told my husband what time I needed to be dropped off at surgery and when I would need to be picked up. Next, I went to fill all of my prescriptions Dr. Younai wrote for me so I would have them immediately after surgery. I also stocked up on some reading material to have at home during the recovery period.

The day before surgery I put together a little bag of my medications, loose-fitting clothing, and set a reminder not to eat or drink. The next morning I filled my bed with pillows for when I returned home, threw on some slippers, and we were out the door.

Dr. Younai explained the whole process from start to finish during my consultation, so when I arrived I was mentally prepared, although inevitably a tad nervous. I was just ready to get back to loving my body!

The Recovery

I woke up from the anesthesia some hours later, a little nauseous, but nothing the anti-nausea medication didn’t alleviate. Dr. Younai explained that since the procedure is only targeting the fat under the skin and not touching the muscles, the pain was similar to a hard workout. He was pretty on point with that comparison. Given, this must’ve been a very long, rigorous workout, but it was bearable.

He put me in a support garment and told me to leave it on until he told me otherwise. My husband brought me home and then began the recovery. It was extremely helpful having my husband aid me throughout the process and massage me when it was required.


When Dr. Younai told me the price of Large Volume Liposuction I wasn’t surprised. It was a big procedure that required a prestige surgeon. Not just anyone performed it, as I clearly saw from my time searching online. This is definitely not the procedure you want to just find the cheapest deal. I had extra saved for Hawaii; I figured this was considered a part of the trip anyways!

Final Results!

I look even hotter than I did pre-pregnancy, and I was hot back then! I still had my beautiful curves, just many pounds lighter. You could see the change all over. My arms are toned, waist tighter, and I have sexy slimmed legs! I could not wait for my girlfriends to see the new me. I planned my big Hawaii reveal to a T.

Fast forward 3 months to the hotel lobby – I strolled into the hotel in a cute baby blue tank top and actual booty shorts, not just shorts that were a little too small for me. I purposely planned on being a little late so they would all be there before me. And there they all were, gathered around a table near the check-in area, so I strutted right up to them like it was a runway show.

Oh how I WISH I took a picture of their facial expressions when they saw me. I got everything from jaw drop to double take to high-pitched screaming of joy. None of them could believe my new body. I have to say that was one of the best moments of my life. That trip was the best reunion by far.

I cannot thank Dr. Younai enough for my new body, and my new life.

Forever grateful,

Marisol P.

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