Stem Cell Butt Augmentation

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stem cell butt augmentation

Many women want to fill out their jeans with a sexy, larger behind, but squats don’t seem to provide the desired projection and implants are completely out of the question.

Introducing the stem cell but augmentation procedure created by Los Angeles stem cell expert Dr. Sean Younai. This advanced figure enhancing procedure combines the art of body sculpting with the science behind adipose derived stem cells. Keep reading to find out more about this revolutionary procedure, and then feel free to contact us to request your consultation.

What is a Stem Cell Butt Augmentation?

In brief, a stem cell butt augmentation is the beneficial merging of a buttocks fat transfer, more commonly known as the Brazilian butt lift, with the addition of stem cell treatment.

stem-cell-butt-augmentationThe fat needed for transfer is first harvested with a specialized liposuction technique which can be performed on almost anywhere on the body. Most commonly, it is performed on the abdomen, flanks, lower back, and thighs to greater enhance the contoured appearance of the backside. The stem cells are harvested from the fat graft itself, and injected into the relocated fat.

To fully understand this benefit, one must first understand what stem cells are.

About Stem Cells

There are about 50 trillion cells in a human adult and they all have different jobs within the body. These cells are either differentiated, which means they have already became a specific type of specialized cell, or they are undifferentiated, meaning they can morph into any cell type or tissue they come in contact with. Adult stem cells are undifferentiated, so they possess the ability to divide and multiply into differentiated cell types. This is why stem cells are so often used for repairing and rehabilitating damaged tissue; they can become the same tissue type and initiate a powerful healing response.

Stem Cell Butt Augmentation Benefits

One may ask, “So what is the point of adding stem cells to the fat used for my Brazilian Butt Lift?”

While fat grafts have a good success rate of taking to their new environment, not all of the fat takes. The fat that doesn’t take is then naturally eliminated from the body, which means that the initial voluptuous projection one sees after surgery is not always the results they get to keep long term. By adding adult adipose derived stem cells during a butt fat transfer, this exponentially heightens the likelihood of the transplanted fat graft gaining a blood supply and taking to its new environment because of the stem cell’s reparative and rehabilitating nature. They will also speed up the recovery process.

Further, fat transfer to the butt provides much more natural feeling and looking results when compared to butt implants. Butt fat transfer also does not run the risk of rupture as implants do, and in fact, pose no risk of allergic reaction to the patient because the fat came from their own body.

Ideal Candidates

Ideal candidates for stem cell butt augmentation are women and men in the Los Angeles area who wish to enlarge their buttocks long term while also wanting to slim other areas of the body. Patients have to be in good health, exercise regularly, eat well, but have stubborn localized fat deposits.Patients who are obese or too thin may not qualify as candidates. This will be determined after the initial consultation.

Stem cell butt augmentation patients must be nonsmokers or those okay with quitting for three weeks prior to and after surgery. They must also have realistic expectations of the procedure. Liposuction is not a weight loss solution. Candidates qualified for stem cell butt augmentation are close to their ideal weight but have enough localized fat deposits to achieve the desired augmented results. Contact one of our Los Angeles offices to schedule your stem cell butt augmentation consultation with Dr. Sean Younai and see if you are a qualified candidate.

Procedure Steps

There are 3 important steps in a stem cell butt augmentation procedure. The first is harvesting the fat graft and stem cells during liposuction, then separating the stem cells and fat, and then the reinjection.

Cell Assisted Liposuction

Cell assisted liposuction is a special lipotransfer technique that allows Dr. Younai to harvest a certain layer of fat that has a large abundance of stem cells. The liposuction process is most commonly performed on the abdomen and flanks, but can also be performed on the thighs and lower back to give the buttocks the appearance of greater fullness and lift. The flanks, or love handles, are a top liposuction choice for surgeons because this area of the body is extremely rich with stem cells.

The fat graft harvested never makes contact with the outside air; it is an entirely closed system. This is extremely beneficial for the safety aspect of the procedure because there just about no chance contaminants can make contact with the fat graft. Enough liposuction is performed to provide the desired buttocks augmentation.

Centrifugation System

The fat graft retrieved from cell assisted liposuction is placed in an advanced centrifugation system to separate the fat and stem cells from unwanted material such as blood and lipids. This is done with centrifugal force which spins the fat graft at such a high velocity that it separates the contents. The stem cells are retrieved in the stromal vascular fraction layer of the adipose tissue, again, never making contact with the outside. The desired amount of fat is then taken with a separate syringe, also not making outside contact. Additional stem cells are obtained from fat that will not be used for re-injection, giving stem cell butt augmentation it’s rightfully earned name. The stem cells will be injected into the new buttocks fat graft once in ideal placement.

Fat Graft Injections

Once the graft has been decanted and purified, it is prepped and suctioned into a special syringe. Dr. Younai will then meticulously inject the fat into the desired augmented locations in multiple small amounts. This is to ensure even and proportionate distribution of fat. In a typical fat transfer procedure, slightly more fat is injected than the desired augmentation amount because not all of the fat will take to the new relocation site. However, with stem cell but augmentation, this need for ‘extra augmentation’ drops to little to no need since the addition of stem cells helps to ensure the graft survives in the new location. The fat is then gently massaged into optimal placement.

Recovery and Results

Brazilian-Butt-LiftIndividualized recovery instructions will be given to each patient after surgery. But generally following a stem cell butt augmentation, the liposuction areas will be wrapped with a compression garment to help reduce swelling. Some swelling and bruising are normal effects but will go away quickly on their own. Pain medication can be prescribed to help with discomfort. Pressure should be kept off the buttocks to avoid warping results. This means the patient should avoid sitting for a predetermined amount of time. Work can be resumed after one week if it does not entails long hours of sitting. Final, voluptuous results can be enjoyed about one to two months following the procedure. This is approximately around the time it takes for the transferred fat cells to gain a solid blood supply.

Complementing Stem Cell Cosmetic Procedures

Stem cell butt augmentation is just one of a variety of stem cell cosmetic procedures. Dr. Younai also performs stem cell breast augmentation, stem cell hand rejuvenation, and stem cell facial rejuvenation at his Beverly Hills, Encino, Bakersfield, and Glendale locations.

Stem cell breast augmentation is very similar to stem cell butt augmentation but it is designed to augment the breasts. Following the standard process of a breast fat transfer or natural breast augmentation, a fat graft is harvested via liposuction and then painstakingly purified. Only the most viable fat is used for re-injection, and the remainder of the graft is used to harvest adult adipose derived stem cells to inject into the viable transferred fat. Stem cell breast augmentation can on average achieve an increase of a cup size. Results are pleasantly natural looking and feeling.

Similar processes are followed for hand and facial stem cell rejuvenation, except not to the same extent of augmentation, but rather subtle revitalization. With age, the face begins to appear sunken or hollowed out because of fat and collagen depletion. The same goes for the hands, as veins and tendons begin to appear much more visible with time. Fat will first be harvested and then purified, and then very small amounts are placed in the hands or face, generally the temples, cheeks, or under the eyes, for youthful contour and fullness.

Your Consultation

The consultation is an important step of the stem cell but augmentation process. This initial meet with Dr. Younai is the time he will determine if a patient is a good candidate for the procedure, or would be better suited undergoing an alternative procedure. Patients will share with him their likes and dislikes about their behind, as well as their aesthetic goals.

If Dr. Younai thinks someone is a qualified candidate for stem cell butt augmentation, he will create a custom surgical plan to provide the individual with their specific desires. This will include, but not limited to, the locations for liposuction, the reinjection sites, and type of anesthesia.

Feel free to contact one of our Los Angeles locations today to schedule your stem cell butt augmentation consult.

Cost of Stem Cell Butt Augmentation

The cost of stem cell butt augmentation is highly variable. It will be based on the liposuction locations, the amount of liposuction, and whether fat graft reinjection is done on just the buttocks or other places as well. In order to receive an accurate quote, a consultation and examination with Dr. Younai is required. Please feel free to contact our Beverly Hills, Encino, Glendale, or Bakersfield office today and a member of our staff will gladly assist you in beginning the journey to a cute, curvaceous behind.